Strac Achieves 40% Conversion Rate Surge and Solidifies Market Authority with EightBurst’s Specialized Blog Content Service

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Strac is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platform dedicated to safeguarding sensitive information across various digital environments. The platform offers quick, simple, and reliable solutions for redacting sensitive data across various platforms.


Through their partnership with EightBurst, Strac has significantly enhanced its market presence. EightBurst’s expertise in blog content creation led to the development of industry-specific blogs and landing pages for Strac. This resulted in a 40% increase in conversion rates and established  Strac as a topical authority in the data security and privacy field. 


The Problems

Despite Strac’s innovative approach to data loss prevention, it faced challenges in explaining its value to a broader audience. They were unable to attract and engage potential clients who could benefit from their advanced DLP solutions. 


Their industry-specific insights and expertise were not fully utilized or effectively presented through their blogs and landing pages. The lack of an optimized content strategy and execution meant that Strac was not reaching its full potential in spite of having a superior product.


The Challenges

Strac faced distinct challenges in leveraging blog content creation to enhance their digital strategy. The primary hurdle was producing content that not only explained their complex DLP solutions but also engaged and educated a non-technical audience. They needed to transform their advanced technical knowledge into compelling, understandable, and SEO-friendly blog posts.


Another significant challenge was establishing and maintaining a consistent content creation pipeline that aligned with the brand’s voice. Strac required a strategic approach to content to highlight their expertise in data security and address common concerns, trends, and questions.


Our Strategy

  • Simplifying Complex Concepts: We crafted blog posts that break down Strac’s advanced DLP solutions into understandable content for a broader audience. This approach explains data security and makes it accessible to non-experts.
  • SEO Optimization: Our strategy included optimizing Strac’s blog content for search engines to improve visibility and reach. By targeting relevant keywords, we aimed to attract more visitors and increase online presence.
  • Consistent Content Pipeline: We established a consistent schedule for publishing new content to keep Strac’s audience engaged and informed. Additionally, regular updates ensure a continuous flow of fresh, relevant information.
  • Educational Focus: Our content strategy emphasized educating the audience on data security’s importance, addressing their concerns and providing solutions. This approach positions Strac as a thought leader in the DLP space.
  • Brand Voice Alignment: All content was crafted to reflect Strac’s unique brand voice and values, ensuring consistency across all digital platforms. This uniformity builds trust and strengthens the company’s brand identity.
  • Engagement and Conversion: Each piece of content and landing page includes clear calls-to-action to guide readers towards the next steps with Strac. This strategy is designed to convert readers into leads and customers.
  • Analytics and Feedback: By employing analytics, we monitored the performance of each blog post and landing page to gather valuable feedback for improvements. This data-driven approach helps refine content strategies for better results.
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Created industry specific blogs and landing pages

Increased conversion rate by 40%

Built topical authority

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