Mobile App Daily Attracts 93.4K Monthly Visitors and Less Bounce Rate with EightBurst’s SEO & Content Marketing Service

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MobileAppDaily is a leading authority in the mobile app industry for comprehensive insights, reviews, and news. Within just six months, EightBurst’s strategic SEO and content marketing services have propelled Mobile App Daily to remarkable heights. 


By enhancing organic reach, EightBurst has helped them attract 93.4K monthly visitors and 56.7K unique visitors. At the same time, the partnership has lowered the bounce rate by 10%. With highly converting blogs, Mobile App Daily has become a go-to resource for industry insight on mobile apps.


The Problems

Mobile App Daily faced significant challenges that are common among digital platforms. Despite offering rich content and insights, they struggled with enhancing their online visibility and attracting a steady flow of organic traffic. This was a critical issue, as higher visibility is directly linked to increased reader engagement and market influence. 


Their content, while informative, was not optimized to capture and retain a diverse audience, leading to a higher than desired bounce rate. These problems hindered them from ranking higher in SERPs as well as from converting casual visitors into loyal customers. They needed a partner to increase their reach, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately, establish a stronger online presence.


The Challenges

Before partnering with EightBurst, Mobile App Daily needed a strategy that could overcome the hurdles by leveraging SEO and content marketing effectively. Their existing strategies were not aligned with best practices. Furthermore, the content lacked the necessary optimization to meet the standards. These challenges underscored the urgent need for a research-based approach to SEO and content marketing to navigate the competitive mobile app market effectively.


Our Strategy

EightBurst implemented a comprehensive SEO and content marketing strategy to elevate Mobile App Daily’s online presence. Here’s how we approached each aspect:


  • Comprehensive SEO Audit: We initiated our strategy with an in-depth SEO audit to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Mobile App Daily’s current setup. This audit covered various elements, including site architecture, user experience, and existing content to develop a targeted plan for improvement.
  • Keyword Optimization: A critical component of our strategy was optimizing for the right keywords. We conducted extensive research to identify terms that aligned with Mobile App Daily’s offerings and matched the search intent of their audience.
  • Content Revitalization: Recognizing the power of compelling content, we revamped Mobile App Daily’s content strategy. This involved enhancing existing articles and creating new, high-quality content tailored to the mobile app industry. 
  • Technical SEO Enhancements: We optimized Mobile App Daily’s website structure to improve its loading speed and ensured mobile responsiveness. These technical improvements were designed to favor search engine algorithms and reduce bounce rates.
  • Backlink Strategy: To boost Mobile App Daily’s domain authority and search engine rankings, we implemented a strategic backlink campaign. To enhance their search engine visibility and credibility, we acquired high-quality backlinks from trustworthy mobile app industry sources.
  • Performance Tracking: Finally, we established a system for tracking and analyzing the performance of our SEO and content marketing efforts. This allowed us to monitor the impact of our strategies in real-time and make data-driven adjustments.
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Helped them reach 93.4K monthly visitors through organic channels

Reached 56.7K Unique Visitors

Decreased Bounce rate by 10%

Crafted Highly Converting Blogs

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